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Punjab Kings IPL team

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Cricket in India is not seen as a sport but as a festival, this festival is celebrated when the IPL is played in India, whose full name is the Indian Premier League. In IPL, not only the India team as well as players from other countries get a chance, but many common players of our country are also given a chance to play, whose performance is very surprising to everyone.

IPL was started in 2008, at which time a total of eight teams were included in the IPL, but gradually over time, many teams were included in the IPL, so that people from different regions of the country were engaged in cricket.  Started growing.

Today, out of all those teams of IPL, Punjab Kings, which is the team of Preity Zinta, currently its captain is Mayank Agarwal.  Punjab Kings is one of the best teams in IPL.

Although Punjab Kings never won the IPL book but proved themselves every time as good participants and also won many matches by playing against many big teams. Talking about the players of Punjab Kings, many big players have run away from it like Chris Gayle, KL Rahul, Mandeep Singh, Shikhar Dhawan, Maxwell as well as many other players about whom there is little to talk about. 

Punjab Kings is one of the three that have been in the IPL since 2008 till date and have proved to their fans that King Salaam Hai is indeed a king team by giving a great performance every year.  Has won the hearts of the audience. If we talk about Preity Zinta, then she is also known as an important pillar of Punjab Kings because she not only encouraged her team by standing with her team every time but also gave this information to her audience as well. 

That she always stands by her team. Supporting its owner is also considered a great incentive for a team to win and Kings XI never felt the lack of this encouragement as they not only had a great owner but also a family member.  He was the one who stood by his side all the time on the cricket field.

PK IPL cricket team player

If we talk about the captain of Punjab Kings, then Mayank Agarwal is known as a very good player, but at the same time or proved to be a very good captain, Punjab Kings is an example in this IPL to give chances to the best players.  The Punjab Kings introduce more new players than any other team and still make it difficult for many veterans to win.

Due to all these qualities, Punjab Kings has made a place in the hearts of its martyrs forever the audience likes to see Punjab Kings in IPL matches every year and there is great enthusiasm in their hearts about their team every year. Companion sir Preity Zinta presents this team every year in IPL with a new passion and passion which is more than any other team.