Cricket World Cup winners review

Winner Of 2019 Cricket World Cup

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Cricket is now becoming one of the most popular games in the world of sports. This is mainly due to the game`s simplicity and the fun not only from playing but also from watching. The rules of the games are very easy to understand, even for beginners or new commerce.

For example, if the ball hits the boundary line, it will be a four, and if it goes over it without touching, it is a six. This makes the game a lot more fun for viewers as well.

However, while talking about cricket, the most important event in cricket is its world cup held every four years. The common question that arrives in fans’ minds is when England won the cricket world cup last time. The answer is that the last time the cricket world cup was held was in 2019; the winner was England which was the first time they won a world cup in cricket.   

2019 Cricket world cup 

This event had 11 venues in which it was hosted; ten of them were in England, whereas the last was in Wales. The world cup of 2019 was the 12th world cup between the 30th of May and the 14th of July. England has hosted this tournament five times, whereas Wales is its 3rd time. Ten teams took part in the tournament after they decreased from 14 teams. However, after a single round-robin, the left teams were only four.

India, New Zealand, England, and Australia, were the four teams left in the tournament after Pakistan got left out due to the total run rate. The qualifiers of the semifinals were England as well as New Zealand. The finals for the world cup were held between England and New Zealand. The finals created excitement in viewers’ hearts, along with the thrill to see the winner. The match took several turns as both teams got a draw after scoring 241 runs each.

The winner was selected by a super over whom England ended up winning due to boundary countback as even the super overcame to a draw. This was the first time England won the cricket world cup. The total number of watchers was about eight hundred thousand, and even the video of the match got about 2.5 billion views on YouTube. This video was the most viewed video of any cricket competition.

Qualification round

There were initially ten teams in the cricket world cup, which was fewer than that of the 2015 world cup as for 14 teams. England hosted the event for ten venues and Wales for a single venue in the game, their fifth time hosting a cricket world cup and third for Wales. Eight teams got selected from matches during 2017 in September; however, the other two teams were selected by the qualification round in 2018.

The 2019 cricket championship was one of the first world cups with only ten teams rather than all of the fourteen teamsTeams from previous world cups also needed to win the qualification to enter the world cup as if failed they could get completely left out of the world cup. Therefore, there was a need for all the ten teams to play the qualifying round to play in the world cup semifinals.

Money reward

Cricket money rewards review

The reward prize was divided into five different sections, the first being the winning team which got a total sum of four million dollars. The runner-up got two million dollars, and the teams who lost the semifinals got $800000 each. Winners from league matches also got a reward as a cash prize of 40000 for each match won, which was a total of $1.8 million. However, the losing team in league matches also got a cash price of $100000 each.

The total amount of money given a cash price for the world cup by ICC to the respected teams was ten million dollars, which is a huge sum of money for the ICC collected from revenue earned from tickets sold for watching cricket in these stadiums.

Exercise matches

The warm-up matches were held from 24 of May to the 28th of May between the ten participating teams. These matches were held before the main world cup, even as these were for the teams and players to get ready for the main matches and build up their strength even more. The warm-ups didn’t include any match form like ODI, and teams could even put all of their 15 members for fielding as well. This made the warm-up hard and fun.