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Test Cricket Results From All Over The World

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Virat Kohli is among the best captains’ teams; India has ever got under his care; the team has won 40 out of 68 matches. The win ratio is a significant success for the team but mainly for the captain. However, Virat Kohli is still not the captain with the most wins in test cricket. Kohli has resigned from his job as the captain of the team India for the Test series after losing the series against South Africa.

The Indian team was thought to win but instead lost the entire test match. After the match, Virat voluntarily withdrew from being the team’s captain, and it might have to do something with the match against South Africa, which they lost.

He even stepped down as the IPL team Royal Challengers Bangalore captain. However, the suspicion of making Virat step down from his captaincy raises many questions for his fans. Following are team captains with the highest wins in test cricket.

Graeme Smith

He has been appointed as the team captain for South Africa at just 22 years of age. He is the captain with the most wins in test cricket, with around 53 wins from 109 matches.

Losing only 28 matches along with drawing 27. He is also the only captain to play over 100 test matches from any country. Along with a 48.62% chance of winning, he has played around 108 matches for South Africa as their team captain and one for ICC test match.

He is the best captain for test cricket matches with the highest amount of matches won, making him the best captain among other countries. He is also the most successful captain in Test cricket due to his amazing success rate in the test matches.

Ricky Ponting from Australia

Ricky Ponting aussie cricket player

He is the second captain with the most wins in test cricket matches, with over 45 wins. During the year of his captaincy or from 2003 to 2007, Australia was considered impossible to beat at that moment as he was one of the best captains the team ever got. Out of the total matches of 77, he made the team win 48 matches, losing only 16 matches in the test cricket. His team had an average win ratio of 62.33, and draw matches were 13.

Ricky was also responsible for keeping the Australian team on top of the chart n the ICC test match series due to his amazing captaincy skills. He was the captain for the side matches for the Australian team from the year 2004 to 2010. According to his team’s number of test matches during his captaincy, he came at the second number.

Steve Waugh

He is another reason why team Australia was feared among other teams in test matches as he led the team to an astonishing 41 wins in the matches. Under his captaincy, the Australian team won three consecutive ICC world cups in 1999, 2003, and 2007 which was an amazing achievement. He led the team alternative to that of Ricky Ponting.

Steve was captain of the team for over 55 matches, in which they won 41 matches with a win ratio of about 72. He was even more success full than Ponting himself. These matches took place between the years 1999 to 2004. They both transited the team from one to another, each flawless, making the team feared during this time and unbeatable. 

Virat Kohli from India

Kohli recently withdrew from being the Indian team`s captain after losing the test series against the team of South Africa.

However, despite this failure, Virat was one of the best if not the perfect captain for team India in their test matches. He led the team into winning 40 matches out of 68 they participated in and had a win percentage of around 59 percent. Moreover, he made the team win 14 matches in a single row of test series.

Kohli became the Indian cricket team captain when they were at 7th rank in the ICC test matches and made them number one while resigning. He acquired the win percentage of all the previous test match captains before Virat Kohli. Making the Indian team dependent on their own and attacking was one of the many achievements Virat gave the team.

Clive Lloyd

He was the former captain for the team of West Indies who was the captain for the team from 1974 to 1985. During the period of his captaincy, he led the team to 74 matches, out of which the team won 36 with a win percentage of about 49 while he left the team as captain. He made the team lose only 12 matches while drawing 26 of them.