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ICC Anti Doping Policy: Yuvraj Defends Cricketers’ Opposition To WADA

By on August 5, 2009

ICC Anti Doping Policy - Yuvraj SinghNew Delhi, Aug 5 (IANS) With several sportsperson saying that they have faced no major difficulty in following World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) code, cricketer Yuvraj Singh has strongly defended his teammates’ decision to reject the code.

Sportspersons from all fields felt that cricketers had over-reacted in not signing the WADA code because they are ingnorant of the controversial ‘whereabouts’ clause.

Yuvraj said the needs of a cricketer were different from those of the fellow sportsperson.

‘We probably play more than any other sportsperson. I think our concerns are different from theirs,’ he told CNN-IBN.

‘We are playing cricket for nine or ten months, then come back home for like 10 days or so and you want your own privacy. You don’t want to tell anyone where you are. You don’t want to be intruded at that time when you are with your family and friends,’ he said.

‘I feel that we are travelling the most and we play a lot of tournaments. I think we should be given more space, that’s what we are asking for, with due respect to all the players.’

Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) backed its players and rejected the anti-doping norms of WADA, which requires players in International Cricket Council’s (ICC) testing pool to furnish details of their whereabout three month in advance.

Athletes worldwide cutting across all sports have found the whereabouts clause an intrusion in their privacy as WADA officials can come any time and ask for a doping test.

Yuvraj said the meeting between top Indian players and the Board of Control for Cricket in India on Sunday went well and the BCCI backs their decision.

‘I know a rule is a rule, but they should also understand our point of view. We put our points across to the board,’ he said.

‘They (BCCI) were very understanding about our concerns. I’m sure they will speak to the ICC. I’m sure we will agree to whatever step they take.’

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